2011 A Fun Day with Local Kids

MRC and MN HOSA Partner for – “A fun day with local kids”

Chaska Safety Camp on July 21, 2011 provided twelve different topics on safety and preparedness to 113 local 3rd & 4th grade children. Campers six teams and moved around the park with their counselors to each presentation. Our presentation “Local Emergencies and Making a Family Emergency Go-Kit” was staffed by three volunteers from MRC of Carver County  and volunteers Zach, Mariah and Lindsey from Minnesota HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America). Teams taught young campers about local emergencies caused by Mother Nature and by people. As our photos show, we used Maryland Advance Practice Center’s “PLAN9″ go-kit model as our guide to choose the most essential supplies to help sustain a family in an emergency situation. The campers chose supplies that were numbered to correspond with numbered items on the PLAN9 poster. Three small groups, with two volunteer leaders each, gathered around the picnic tables. When the kids departed our session, each was given a mini-PLAN9 poster with an expanded essential supplies list on the back to share with their parents. It was a very worthwhile event!  The HOSA connection is the first by an MRC unit in Minnesota.