2011 MN HOSA State Conference

 2011 MN HOSA State Conference Agenda

 2011 MN HOSA State Conference Educational Sessions


A little over two months ago we heard about a tragic event in Arizona with the shooting of many people including Congresswoman Giffords. In a newswire soon after the tragedy we read-

HOSA- Future Health Professionals applaud the heroic efforts of former HOSA member Daniel Hernandez during the Tragic shootings in Tucson, AZ. His Quick and selfless actions saved the life of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and contributed to immediate attention to the victims prior to the arrival of emergency medical services.

Do you know that you have young people just like Daniel in Minnesota- attending high school and taking programs that lead to a future in healthcare professions? Did you know that you are living in the same state as some top National high school finalists in Emergency Preparedness as the best EMT teams throughout the nation? And they are still in high school?

MN HOSA has been making a name for themselves at the National Leadership HOSA conferences as an increasingly top state in high standard health science students in many areas as future healthcare professionals.

MN HOSA is one of the 47 states that are affiliated with the national career and technical organization that is helping students build on their career goals in healthcare. The mission is to promote career opportunities in healthcare and to enhance the delivery of quality healthcare to all people. AND it is 100% Healthcare in all of its functions and activities.

March 22nd – 24th MN HOSA is holding its State Leadership Conference at the Best Western Kelly Inn and St. Cloud Civic Center with over 275 students competing in over 40 healthcare events that will challenge them in areas that build on their classroom knowledge and skills and recognize their service in community service projects and leadership activities that will make them the highly qualified healthcare professionals that we need in Minnesota.

We would be honored to have you come and watch your future healthcare workforce that has already begun in the high school classroom and that will make them eligible to take their accomplishments once again to the National HOSA Leadership Conference in June and once again make us proud to be in Minnesota as well as confident in high leveled health care in our healthcare facilities and our state’s Emergency Preparedness. Although we would NEVER want to have happen what happened in Arizona, I know that this group of students is prepared to do just that.

The date again is Tuesday, March 22nd in the afternoon, All day on Wednesday, March 23rd and the Awards Session and Closing is Thursday morning, March 24th. We will be at the Best Western Kelly Inn, 100 4th AV S, St. Cloud, MN.

I know that it is a very busy time for you, but it would mean so much to us to know that you are aware of their hard work in the future of healthcare. It is one of those- “You have to see it to believe it”.


Please RSVP to Candy at cmleopold@minnesotahosa.org or 612-590-4808


Candy Leopold, MN HOSA State Advisor